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How to Clean A Hot Tub

18 Mar 2021
How to Clean A Hot Tub
Quick to set up and even easier to enjoy, everything about owning an inflatable hot tub should be simple. But what about cleaning it? With this ‘How To’ at hand, you’ll never struggle to clean your spa again!

Step One: Prepare Your Tub

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” and your inflatable hot tub is no exception from this. Prior to starting the cleaning process, you must turn off your heater, remove the plug from the electrical mains and drain your spa’s water.

How to drain a hot tub:

Before you drain your tub's water, it’s always best to remove any leaves and debris with your Spa Cleaning Skimmer. Doing this prevents any blockage in the drainage valve. Once this is complete, double-check that your drainage valve is in place and open up the water outlet located on the spa’s outer wall. If you wish to direct the water further away from the hot tub, we recommend purchasing a garden hose and adaptor. (Please keep in mind that your water does have chemicals in it, so it is wise to drain water away from plants and flowers.)

Spa Skimmer

Spa Skimmer

Step Two: Clean Spa Surfaces

Once your water is drained, gently wipe down the surfaces of your spa liner with a Spa Cleaning Mitt and warm water. This should remove most of the dirt from the outside surfaces of your hot tub. For more stubborn stains, you can use a Spa Cleaning Brush and add a mild detergent to your water. Washing up liquid or hand soap work well, but remember to thoroughly rinse down the surfaces with clean water afterwards. No matter how difficult the stains are, please do not use anything other than the equipment provided in your Spa Maintenance Kit. Harsher products, for example, scourers, will damage your liner.

Repeat the same process for the inside of your tub but avoid using any detergents or soap. (These products can cause a build-up of foam when you refill your spa.) Pay particular attention to cleaning your waterline as this is where dirt and chemical buildup is most likely to occur.

Spa Cleaning Brush

Spa Cleaning Brush

How to clean a hot tub with vinegar:

White vinegar is great for removing stubborn stains or any scum lines inside your hot tub. Simply mix a solution of equal parts vinegar and water into a spray bottle and give it a good shake. Generously spray the waterline of your hot tub and let the solution work its magic. After 15 minutes, carefully wipe down your liner with a Spa Cleaning Mitt. (You may need to repeat the process with a Spa Cleaning Brush if the stains aren’t fully removed.) Once your liner is clean, rinse it thoroughly with water before you refill your spa.

Spa Cleaning Mitt

Spa Cleaning Mitt

Step Three: Clean Your Filter

You should always pay special attention to your hot tub filter as it works to keep your water clean and hygienic. We advise removing your filter and cleaning it at least once a week. (You may need to do this more often if you use your spa daily.)

Hot Tub Filters

Hot Tub Filters

How to clean a hot tub filter:

The easiest way to clean your filter is by gently hosing it down with water. For a more thorough clean, you can place your filter in the dishwasher without any detergent. If you have the time, it’s always best to leave the filter to dry before you place it back into your hot tub. Over time, the paper folds in your filter will wear down and the filter will need replacing.

How long should a hot tub filter last?

This completely depends on how often you use and clean your spa. The duration of your Wave Spa filter is dictated by the time your heat/filter functions are applied. We recommend that you change your Wave Spa filter every 168 hours. Regularly cleaning your filter will prolong its lifespan but it still won’t last forever. You can stock up on filters with our large saver bundles. (There’s nothing worse than discovering your filter needs replacing and not having a spare one to hand!)

Can I run a hot tub without a filter?

If your filter is falling apart or the dog sneakily chewed it off and buried it somewhere, a quick filterless soak won’t cause much harm. However, running your hot tub for long periods of time without any filter will damage your spa. It’ll also lead to the fast deterioration of your water. To avoid being without a filter in emergencies like these, we offer a ‘subscribe and save’ filter subscription service.

Step Four: Clean Your Spa Accessories and Cover

Your spa cover and accessories, such as inflatable headrests, drinks holders and cushions should all be cleaned too.

Hot Tub Cover

Hot Tub Cover

How to clean a hot tub cover:

Just like the hot tub liner, you can easily clean these products with a soft cloth and warm water. As your spa cover prevents evaporation, you may discover a thin layer of oil and chemical residue on the underside. This can be removed using mild detergent and rinsing thoroughly with water before placing the cover back over your hot tub.

Pacific Tropical Inflatable Hot Tub

Pacific Tropical Inflatable Hot Tub

Step Five: Refill Your Hot Tub and Treat the Water

Once your spa liner is all sparkling and clean, it’s time to refill the water and treat it. Roughly, it takes 60 minutes to fill a 2-4 person hot tub and 75 minutes to fill a 4-6 person. To correctly treat your water, please use our range of Wave Spa Chemicals and refer to our Hot Tub Chemical Guide.

Pool & Spa Starter Kit

Pool & Spa Starter Kit

Other Inflatable Hot Tub Cleaning Tips:

  • Shower before entering your inflatable hot tub.
  • Cover your spa when it isn’t being used.
  • Add Spa Clarifier Sparkle to treat water further for a polished, sparkly finish.
  • Reduce the build-up of foam producing residues by using Wave Spas No Foam
  • Continually use a Pool Skimmer to remove any debris from your tub.
  • If in doubt, contact our customer service team with any hot tub queries.
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