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How to Keep Safe While Paddleboarding During The Winter

30 Nov 2021
How to Keep Safe While Paddleboarding During The Winter

Paddleboarding can be an all-year-round activity, with the correct gear, location and knowledge you won’t have to pack away your SUP when the temperature starts dropping.

Summer vs Winter

It’s much easier on a warm summer day, to head out and get onto the water with no worries of getting hypothermia, so we’d like to make sure that you are covered when the temperature starts to drop. You can still catch those stunning sunrises and sunsets reflecting on calm waters in the winter, but make sure you keep warm!

What is hypothermia? Hypothermia is when you get too cold and your body temperature drops below 35°C and this can easily be avoided by investing in a high-quality wetsuit, that combats this body temperature drop when you are in the water.

The Best Wetsuit

There are different types of wetsuits for each weather condition; when temperatures are above 23°C and below 5°C.

When temperatures range between 43-52°F / 6-11°C we recommend a full suit that seals around wrists and legs, with a thickness of 4/5mm.

When temperatures range 42°F / 5°C and below a full wetsuit with a thickness of 6/5mm.

Which wetsuit is best for cold waters? We recommend one from the O’Neill Hyperfreak Series
These are designed specifically from colder conditions and they’re a worthwhile investment.

Check out some other great wetsuits here:


Take extra measures when heading out, here are some hints and tips;

  1. Tag along with a paddle board buddy or group, this will give you peace of mind knowing that there are other people looking out for you
  2. Let a family member or friend know your location, how long you will be there and what time you will be leaving the said location. We now have apps where you can share your live location with someone, take advantage of this:
  3. Lookup any swimming/paddling restrictions ahead of time, this could include the tide times, sailing clubs, training exercises in the area
  4. Take your Paddleboard Pup with you to keep you company!

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