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Finding Balance: The Perfect Blend of Paddle Boarding and Pilates

11 Jul 2023
Finding Balance: The Perfect Blend of Paddle Boarding and Pilates

Discover the incredible benefits of combining paddle boarding and Pilates as we explore a whole new level of strength, stability, and serenity. Whether you're a seasoned paddler or a Pilates enthusiast looking to spice up your routine, this guide will inspire you to embrace the harmony of body, mind, and water. So, grab your board, roll out your mat, and let's embark on a journey of balance, core strength, and blissful moments on the water.

We recently had the pleasure of connecting with Piera Rumney, who has been exploring the realms of paddle boarding and Pilates with our Tourer board: 

“With nearly 9 years of experience in practising and teaching Pilates, my passion for movement has led me to explore new horizons. Embracing the beauty of practising Pilates outdoors, I often find solace near the coast. Intrigued by new experiences, I ventured into sea swimming and eventually embarked on my first SUP lesson around 2 years ago—and I was instantly hooked! Always seeking the next challenge, I discovered that incorporating an unstable surface into Pilates workouts adds an exciting dimension.”

She shared a few of our her tips for those looking to give SUP Pilates a go. So if you are comfortable with using your SUP and feel ready to take on a new challenge by practising a little Pilates whilst out there on the water, then you may find these tips useful.


Tip 1: Master Your Moves on the Mat

Make sure that you practise your Pilates movements on a mat before taking them to your SUP. Getting to know the moves and how they should feel on a steady surface first is the best way to prepare.


Tip 2: Start With Some Basics

Once on your SUP, start with some sitting or kneeling movements. You can do spine twists or arm circles initially then move on to some of the less tricky standing exercises, like squats or ribcage closure (lifting the paddle with both arms and lowering without moving the rest of the body).


Tip 3: Relax Into It

I often feel a little stiff as I start out on my SUP, holding myself a little awkwardly, however I ease into it by releasing the muscles and I find that the flow of my movement improves. Tension can inhibit the efficiency of movement making you less steady. If you find that your initial pose is to tense up and hold tightly onto the paddle, try inhaling deeply and with the outbreath relax your muscles a little.


Tip 4: Take Your Time

It can be easy to get carried away rushing through your Pilates movements, as many of us do with so many things in our busy lives, but one of the benefits of Pilates is that it encourages you to take your time and be more focussed on what you're doing, which can in turn be very relaxing. Slowing down your movements will help you gain more control which you will need on such an unstable surface.

Ready to give it a go?

The fusion of paddle boarding and Pilates presents a wealth of extraordinary advantages that can enhance your overall health and wellness. Whether you possess expertise in paddling or have a fondness for Pilates, embracing the synergy between your body, mind, and the water can be a truly rewarding experience. So, dive into this exciting voyage, apply the insightful tips shared by Piera, and relish the gratifying journey of SUP Pilates. Take your time, refine your techniques, and immerse yourself in the tranquillity of practising Pilates on the water.

Please note: performing Pilates moves on the SUP is at the sole discretion and responsibility of the individual.


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