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From Tynemouth to the Thames - Paddleboarding Near Me

04 Mar 2021
From Tynemouth to the Thames - Paddleboarding Near Me
Stand Up Paddleboard Near Me: Long Sands, Tynemouth

Look, maybe we are biased, but nothing fuels the spirit of Newcastle-dwellers than the cities main beach town - Tynemouth.

Situated on a craggy peninsula at the mouth of the Tyne river, this quaint seaside town doubles up as one of the most diverse water sport arenas that the UK has to offer.

With a cluster of SUP stations that are permanently booked out, skip the queues, kiss goodbye to paddle board hire and take your own board directly to the tumult of the waves at Longsands.

Perhaps not the most ideal terrain for beginner boarders, expect to the thrown off your board a few times, and to have endless laughs.

Paddle Boarding Devon: Woolacombe Bay

No definitive boarding list would be complete without a trip to the South West. The ultimate breeding ground for extreme sports people, both Devon and Cornwall host a boast of unparalleled sites for paddle boarding.

From an abundant choice of craggy coves to sprawling beaches we've decided to give a shout out to Woolacombe Bay. Situated on the North Coast of Devon, this much-loved resort is accessible*ish* in comparison to some of its Cornish neighbours and famed for its paddle board rental.

Experiencing a mix of towering waves and gentle surf, Woolacombe is the ideal coastal spot for paddleboarders looking to broaden their horizons without being thrown overboard at every opportunity.

Paddle Boarding Lake District: Wast Water, Cumbria

Not every paddling experience has to involve a struggle with Poseidon, lake paddle boarding is one of the most tranquil and enriching experiences for those looking to dabble in the more yoga-style boarding.

Cumbria's dramatic landscape boasts a range of beautiful paddling locations, and Wast Water is our unbeaten favourite. Nestled between the towering hills, this beautiful lake is protected from high winds and is ideal for those endeavouring to dip their toe into the sport at a snail's pace.

The perfect place to head down with a beginner paddle board such as a Wave Cruiser, you'll have hours of serenity in the idyllic landscape of the Lakes.

Paddle Boarding Scotland: Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides

With an abundance of quiet coves to explore by stand up paddleboard, the Hebridean islands provide some of the most wild and stark areas to explore by SUP.

Certainly a location for the more competent paddlers, the wild coast of the Scottish isles are great places for people to upskill without having their teething issues witnessed by the masses.

For beaches particularly rich in wildlife with challenging Atlantic Winds to test your SUP game, head towards Uig Sands or Dailbeag beach.

Paddle Boarding Cornwall - Penzance

This circular route commencing from Mount's Bay is nothing short of a English coastal safari. You'll be accompanied by an array of marine life as you journey along Cornwall's crystal azure waters.

Though Paddleboard rental companies are dotted along the Cornish coast, Cornwall in Summer is notoriously busy. Don't be slowed down by rental queues and grab a board in advance. Our Super Sup Pro is the perfect choice for a summer staycation with friends and family.

Don't be alarmed if you meet some basking sharks on your travels - the clue is in the name, they're there to enjoy sunbathe like the rest of you - not to have their first non-vegan meal.

Where to Learn To Paddleboard: Kingston Upon Thames

Time to take the Britain's most iconic waterway - extending a colossal 215 miles across the country, Kingston inarguably hosts the most serene spot. Conveniently located for dwellers of the Big Smoke, a trip to Kingston can transport you from metropolis to village in under an hour.

Ideal for all skill levels eager to see some English wildlife on their journey, this is truly a perfect spot for a summer's day on the water.

Top tip: Watch out for the Swans, in the battle for territory between Swans and boarders, there will only be one winner.

Best Places to Paddleboard UK: Tenby, Pembrokeshire

Last but certainly not least, is the oft-overlooked contender for the finest coastline in Britain: Pembrokeshire. Wales, small yet mighty, features one of the most unpolluted, untrodden, turquoise coastlines that the UK has to offer.

With a vast strip of deserted beaches and a relatively temperate climate, you should expect clear skies and a relatively sheltered terrain for those who wish to paddle on sea without the threat of the tide.

Tenby has been a go to for Welsh and Englishmen alike in search of surf and sup lessons, paddle boarding offers an affordable and accessible route to exploring its collection of mystical caves.

For those tempted but daunted by the prospect of journeying into water sports, head over to our Beginner's Boarding Guide to help shake off those beginner's nerves.

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