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Garda 6 Person Eco Foam Spa | Dark Rattan

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Colour: Dark Rattan
Size: Square (180x180x70cm)
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Garda 6 Person Eco Foam Spa | Dark Rattan

Vendor: Wave

Garda 6 Person Eco Foam Spa | Dark Rattan


Vendor: Wave

Garda 6 Person Eco Foam Spa | Dark Rattan

Colour: Dark Rattan
Size: Square (180x180x70cm)


Garda 6 Person Eco Foam Spa | Dark Rattan 3000
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Colour: Dark Rattan
Size: Square (180x180x70cm)
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Product Details


Unwind with a blissful Spa experience

The Garda is part of Wave's brand new range of foam spas. Wave's revolutionary new foam construction means that your spa is up to 50% more thermally efficient than other portable spas.

Showcasing a sleek new design our Black Garda Rattan hot tub includes an integrated system which allows for a compact and seamless finish, whilst also reducing noise levels, allowing for a more tranquil spa experience.

Hot tubs provide a wide range of benefits, from physical and mental relaxation to improved circulation and socialisation opportunities. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day at work, relax after an invigorating paddle or improve your overall health, a hot tub may be just what you need.

Choose between our 2-4 and 4-6 person hot tubs.


COMFORTABLY FITS UP TO 6 PEOPLE The perfect excuse to find some time to relax after a long day. Be it experiencing some quality ‘me time’ or spending an evening with friends or family, there’s plenty of room for up to six people to comfortably sit and stretch out.

UP TO 50% MORE THERMALLY EFFICIENT The new foam core is up to 50% more efficient than most portable hot tubs, making it more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

SLEEK NEW CONTEMPORARY DESIGN Offering a sleek look and feel, this new design adds an extra layer of luxury to our existing range.

40°C RAPID HEATING SYSTEM Thanks to the rapid heating system, experience a cosy water temperature of up to 40°C. Fully adjustable using the digital pump from 20°C, all the way up to 40°C; set the temperature to suit you.

140 AIRJET™ MASSAGE SYSTEM Receive an intense full body massage thanks to the 140 AirJet™ massage system. Releasing thousands of bubbles, feel as they gently flow from the base of the spa and across your body, helping to reduce stress and relieve muscles.

INSULATING COVER Cover includes a 6mm foam core and internal foil lining to ensure maximum thermal efficiency for your hot tub all year round..

ANTI-FREEZE MODE This new mode keeps the Spa safe over winter.

AMBIANCE Integrated LED lighting lets you set the mood - whether you opt for relaxing or more upbeat!





FILLED WEIGHT: 796kg (1,775b)

FILTER/HEATER: 220-240V-50Hz, 2060W eco heater with a max controllable temperature of 40 °C

FLOW RATE: 350GAL (1,325)/hour

POWER CABLE: Industry-standard 7m cable


SAFETY: Please note this item is not suitable for children or anyone with medical conditions. Child safety locking clips for protective cover included.

WARRANTY: We give all our Wave Spas a 12-month warranty on the heating element and 6-month warranty on the cover & liner find out more here

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