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Chemical Measuring Kit

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Wave Spa Chemical Measuring Kit - Wave Spas Inflatable, foam Hot Tubs

Vendor: Wave

Chemical Measuring Kit


Vendor: Wave

Chemical Measuring Kit

The ideal partner to our hot tub chemical starter kit, our measuring kit compiles all of the utensils necessary for simple and painless hot tub chemical maintenance.

Containing a measuring jug, measuring spoons in various volumes, and a chemical stirrer, the kit contains everything you'll need to weigh out your granules and fluids and ensure your chemical levels are perfect.

For those new to the world of tubbing, our measuring kit will make a pro out of a novice.
For detailed guidance and recommended dosage amounts, check out our Wave Spa Chemical Guide.
Measuring Kit Contains:
  • 1L Measuring Jug
  • 100ml Chemical Beaker
  • Set of 3 measuring spoons (10-40ml)
  • 15cm Chemical Stirrer


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