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pH Reducer for Pool or Spa - 1kg

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Wave Spa pH Reducer for Pool or Spa - 1kg - Wave Spas Inflatable, foam Hot Tubs

Vendor: Wave

pH Reducer for Pool or Spa - 1kg


Vendor: Wave

pH Reducer for Pool or Spa - 1kg

Following recent changes to shipping regulations post-Brexit, we can no longer lawfully ship Chemicals overseas to addresses in Northern Ireland - please do not attempt to checkout with chemicals in your basket if you are a resident of Northern Ireland.

Use WAVE™ pH Reducer to lower the pH of swimming pool water and to reduce the alkalinity. The pH should be correctly maintained to ensure bather comfort and the protection of the pool and its equipment.

Use a good quality testing kit, such as the Wave Testing Strips, to determine the pH and/or Total Alkalinity Levels.

To reduce pH, add 10g of the pH solution to 1000L water (the max capacity of our 4-6 person spas) - this application will lower the pH by approximately 0.2- should further reduction be necessary, follow the previous step, but NOT without prior testing.

After 24 hours, recheck the pH and repeat the treatment dose as necessary.


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