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Navigator Plus Drop Stitch 2/3 Person Kayak | 2 Seater Package

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Navigator Plus Drop Stitch 2/3 Person Kayak | 2 Seater Package

Vendor: Wave UK

Navigator Plus Drop Stitch 2/3 Person Kayak | 2 Seater Package


Vendor: Wave UK

Navigator Plus Drop Stitch 2/3 Person Kayak | 2 Seater Package



Navigator Plus Drop Stitch 2/3 Person Kayak | 2 Seater Package 1500
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Kayak Expansion Pack 1500
Battery Pump | 20 PSI Inflatable Paddle Board & Kayak 1500
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Product Details

Navigator Plus Drop Stitch 2/3 Person Kayak

2 Seater Package

Conquer the Waters in Style

The Navigator Plus Dropstitch Kayak is the ultimate choice for your epic water adventures. Everything is better with a friend and this 2 person kayak is gonna take your voyages to whole new levels of awesomeness!

Now, let's talk convenience. Transporting your kayak? Piece of cake! We've got handy handles at the front and rear, making carrying a doddle. No need for faffing about! No matter where your explorations take you, the Navigator is always ready to accompany you on your next adventure.

If you fancy making it an adventure for three, check out our 3 person Navigator Plus Kayak.


2 X PADDED FOAM SEATS AND FOOTRESTS to ensure you stay comfortable during your water adventure. These can be on placed on the Velcro track and tethered to the D-rings on the kayak wall with the clips provided, to allow you to adjust your position to suit and sit comfortably.

HANDY ZIP POCKET located on the back of the attachable seats to allow for convenient storage.

2 X DOUBLE SIDED KAYAK PADDLES to allow you to seamlessly glide through the water.

TWO DETACHABLE FINS these quick release fins can be removed in seconds, and come with a neat slot in system.

ADJUSTABLE BUNGEE CORD to allow for easy stowage of belongings.

CARRY HANDLES located at the front and rear.

SINGLE ACTION PUMP be water ready in a matter of minutes.

ALL-TERRAIN PADDED BACKPACK for easy transportation and compact storage.

REPAIR KIT everything you need to repair a puncture quickly.


Safety is paramount when you're out on the water, which is why we came up with Wave Composite Laminate technology. This is our way of telling you that we've worked on every aspect of the board to give you peace of mind.

WAVE SUPER REINFORCED DROP STITCH CORE Our drop stitch core is super reinforced giving you the extra rigidity you need without additional weight.

STREAMLINED DESIGN Sleek, curved, streamlined shape for good tracking performance.

WAVE UV STABILISED RESISTANT COATING This means your kayak won't bleach and weaken in the sun.

DRAIN VALVE Superfast 1+2 self-bailing valves can be left open for quick water drainage in whitewater and ocean kayaking or closed for flat-water paddling.

MOULDED V-SHAPE BOW AND STERN for precision and speed.


Colour Options: Navy

Dimensions: 464 x 82 x 35cm

Thickness: 15 cm (6 inches)

Recommended PSI: 15 PSI

Kayak Weight: 19.2kg / 42.3 lbs

Max Rider Weight: 260 kg / 573 lbs

Max Riders: 3

Drainage Points: 1

Inflation Chambers:3

Warranty: 12 months


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