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SUP International Magazine Pro Paddleboard Review

21 Apr 2022
SUP International Magazine Pro Paddleboard Review

The Wave SUPs Pro is a rough-water inflatable built for adventure. The Wave SUPS military grade ply construction and five grab handles make it ideal for beach starts, rescues, self-recovery, towing and portage. The nose profile suits punching into wind and chop on rivers, lakes and coastal runs.
The board package is loaded with goodies – carbon paddle, dual-action pump, waterproof backpack, at one of the most keen price points we’ve seen yet.

The Wave SUP Pro is targeted at advanced boarders with a penchant for thrill-seeking and documenting their thrills in the process. Sitting at the higher end of our budget-friendly price line, the Pro is equipped to withstand a variety of terrains and journeys. For paddlers who want a blow-up paddleboard that is equipped with all the gadgets and durably designed, this is the perfect SUP for you.

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