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Wave Rigid Eco Foam Spas

A Revolution in Portable Spas


We were born and bred in the North East of England and this inspires our sense of fun and adventure. Life is too short not to enjoy it. This is at the heart of the products that we create. You can rely on our products because they were tested right here in the North East – an area known for a spirit of fun but not for its great weather.

We have two core businesses; Wave Spas and Wave SUPs. Wave Spas is an award-winning spa retailer that first launched in 2018 and since then we have sold over 100,000 Spas all over the UK & USA. We're now best known for our innovative Rigid Eco Foam Spas that deliver a high quality, cost effective and environmentally friendly hot tub experience.

Wave SUPs was created due to a love of the beach and the rugged North East coastline. We create high-quality Stand Up Paddle Boards and Kayaks that are all rigorously tested in the North Sea.


Our portable, energy-efficient spas transform any outdoor space into an oasis of peace and tranquility. Our flagship range is our revolutionary Wave Rigid Eco Foam Spas. Built around our Wave Eco Foam core and incorporating Heat Integrated Technology (HIT), this collection features a size and shape for any space and any taste. Not only that, they are up to 50% more energy efficient than other portable spas. We also have a range of high-quality inflatable spas that also feature integrated heaters.

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Wave was born in a small city by the beach called Newcastle. We’re proud of where we’re from – an area known for being tough and having a sense of fun and adventure. products;The North Sea is cold and wild, which makes it the perfect place for testing our products – if they work there, they work anywhere. We have a range of iSUPs and kayaks to suit everyone from kids through to watersports pros. We love our products and we're relentless in delivering a quality experience.


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Yvonne McKe***

This is a Christmas present for my hubby as he had a go on my son’s paddle board on the Norfolk broads I did look around for a board and even considered getting a cheap one but thought you pay for what you get I opted for this one as it was within my price range during the Black Friday sale. So fingers crossed he enjoys it xx

Pacific 4 Person | WaveSpas.com

Susan C

We purchased our Wave last year and plan to keep it up throughout winter this year as winter is much milder in recent years. This was our 3rd spa and without doubt the quality of the pool is better than any other portable spa on the market.

Pacific 4 Person | WaveSpas.com

Gary R

Cracking hot tubs very good after sales support for what ever you require. Speedy delivery and products are well made.

Atlantic 4 Person | WaveSpas.com


My husband and I are both very thrilled with our wave spa. We were skeptical about being able to fit 4 adults in it when our friends visit, but we did and it was still pretty comfortable. My husband says this hot tub is his favorite thing he has ever bought.