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Aromatherapy Scent Crystals, Summer Fun - 500g

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Wave Spa Aromatherapy Scent Crystals, Summer Fun - 500g - Wave Spas Inflatable, foam Hot Tubs

Vendor: Wave

Aromatherapy Scent Crystals, Summer Fun - 500g


Vendor: Wave

Aromatherapy Scent Crystals, Summer Fun - 500g


These fine grade crystals are enriched with emollients to counter balance harsher sanitizers and provide the ultimate spa experience.

Our Summer Fun solution offers a fruity, sweet scent that has naturally enriching elements to soothe your skin. We understand that chemical upkeep is vital in ensuring a clinical and smooth spa experience, but this should not mean you have to compromise on an alluring scent!

The incorporated Epsom salts are foam-free, oil-free and will not aggravate the pH levels in your tub - so you can delve into the aroma therapeutic experience without compromising your sanitation.

Our scents are safe for all PVC surfaces and will not harm/cause scale in the heating or plumbing equipments.

Simply add 50-75 grams per use for optimal scent.

*Always maintain the advised water chemistry in our Chemical Guide in conjunction with the hot tub scents.


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