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Professional Heavy Duty Skimmer

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Wave Spa Professional Heavy Duty Skimmer - Wave Spas Inflatable, foam Hot Tubs

Vendor: Wave

Professional Heavy Duty Skimmer


Vendor: Wave

Professional Heavy Duty Skimmer

Simply remove leaves and unwanted debris floating in the water of your hot tub with this skimmer. This skimmer will become an integral part of your spa maintenance kit. This unique tool is perfectly designed with durable mesh and a stable flat-frame scoop. It includes a pole connection that can easily connect to a telescopic pole (pole not included). Suitable to fit a pool telescopic stick (28-30mm inner diameter).
  • Perfect solution to clear leaves unwanted debris from spa water
  • Durable mesh and stable frame flat scoop design
  • Can be connected to a telescopic pole (not included)
  • An integral part of your spa maintenance kit


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