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Algaecide for Pool or Spa - 1 LITRE

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Wave Spa Algaecide for Pool or Spa - 1 LITRE - Wave Spas Inflatable, foam Hot Tubs

Vendor: Wave

Algaecide for Pool or Spa - 1 LITRE


Vendor: Wave

Algaecide for Pool or Spa - 1 LITRE

Following recent changes to shipping regulations post-Brexit, we can no longer lawfully ship Chemicals overseas to addresses in Northern Ireland - please do not attempt to checkout with chemicals in your basket if you are a resident of Northern Ireland.

Algaecide helps to prevent the growth of algae in swimming pools. Used each week it is an effective means of controlling algal growth when used in conjunction with a disinfectant.

Dose Rate

As an initial dose add: 100ml WAVE™ Algaecide to 1000L of pool water. Then as a weekly dose: 20ml Wave Algaecide to 1000L of pool water.

When algae are present in the water Check the pool water to ensure a pH of around 7.4 and shock dose with chlorine or an alternative sanitiser. Brush the walls and floor of the pool and then backwash the filter to clean. Add the initial dose of WAVE™ Algaecide. Check the pH and chlorine levels daily and the pool for traces of algae 'green'. If any traces remain after 48 hours repeat the shock dose.


Add WAVE™ Algaecide into 10 litres of fresh water, using a clean plastic container, and mix carefully. Slowly pour the solution into the pool water close to the return inlets and rinse out the container thoroughly.


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